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  • 0.2.0 : (11-12-2016) First published version for domogik 0.5
    • Version without xpl, work with 0MQ
    • Update device_type, recreate domogik device with them.
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This Domogik plugin monitor UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) through communicat with NUT project server.

Create a socket connection with NUT to get UPS informations and report them to domogik sensors.

You must configure as your needs the NUT library and give parameters connection at plugin.

UPS Status, on mains (on line), on battery, connected, lost connection,.... are send to domogik device.

Sensors values for input, output, battery voltage and battery charge are also send to domogik device.

Plugin configuration


In Domogik administration section, go to client plugin-nutserve details page.

Key Default value Description
startup-plugin false Automatically start plugin at Domogik startup
Ip nut server localhost Set host NUT server.
Port nut server 3493 Set NUT server port number.
Login   Set NUT user login.
Password   Set NUT user password.

Creating devices for UPS Client

In clients page of admin UI, go to plugin-nutserve-<your_host_domogik>, select tab “Devices”, “New” to create your devices.

Chose one way creation by product or instance type.

Instance-type : ups.device

Key Example Description
Device My_UPS The display name for this device.
Description What you want A short descriptionn for this device.
My_UPS Same name of UPS name in ups.conf file.
————- –
Timer (seconds) for poll UPS status
  • “0”: desactivat polling.

Status is sended to domogik only if changed.

Timer (seconds) for poll UPS values
  • “0”: desactivat polling.

Values are sended to domogik only if changed.